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[Houdini] Week 8

It’s week 8 already! Here’s what I showed Antoine, rendered with 1/3 effects. However, he also liked one of the WIP: Advertisements

Week 5

For week 5’s critic, added in a more dynamic opening, and also merge the ending as suggested. Oh man, I hope this gets approve so I can do my particles well.

Week 4 half

Slight Update before the next one I’m suppose to come out with more variations before settling down, this is the one I liked most so far. Well. More variations to go!

Week 4

The updated previs would be uploaded soon. Based on last week comments, the following changes has been applied: . change of camera angle ; leaving too much whitespace in the second cut . change in animation ; too much contrast in the different cuts.

Houdini Updates

Project Description: My main focus was on liquid trails effects. A droplet of water was first introduced, and it left it’s liquid trails as it travel through the air. The trails are suppose to bring out the theme of party, and therefore colors would be of similar color to neon lights, such as neon orange … Continue reading

Transferring Points

Transferring Particles 2 Points SOP -1 + $F/100 + rand($PT) and fit01($CR,$TX,$TX2)

[Web Design] Just more Answers for week 5

Questions: •How do you find this site? (in 3 words) •Who do you think the site is created for? •What are the good attributes of the site (in terms of usability, aesthetic issues, etc)? •What are the bad attributes of the site? 1. Unattractive 2. Non-User-friendly. 3. Impractical. The site was created for potential and … Continue reading

Just more answers for WebDesign 1

Hi guys, 3rd excercise for Web Design! I’m doing on the KFKfood.com.sg. So this is the two links: KohYongKiat01 KohYongKiat_part2 copy

Just somemore answers.

•What is Browser-Safe Color Palette / Web-Safe Colors? •Is it still relevant in today’s context? Why? •What are the common fonts face found on PC & Mac? •What is page loading time and how it influence your design? •http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2007/03/19/webdesign-and-worflow-process-comparison/ Read about Web Design Process article and write what you think about it (at least 150 … Continue reading

Adidas Ads.

Cool Motion Graphic Advertisement.